Strategic agenda

The strategic agenda is based on objectives within four focus areas. Gradually advancing the positions in these areas will secure growth within ForSea that is profitable and sustainable in the long-term.


A sustainable business where environmental impact is minimised.

  • reduce ship emissions and energy consumption
  • reduce the overall quantity of hazardous chemicals
  • increase the total amount of recycled waste


Offer the right services at the right time through knowing our customers.

  • increase the number of customers to 9 million by 2023
  • increase customer satisfaction


We must be an attractive workplace in order to attract the best employees to come to us.

  • ensure employee satisfaction
  • ensure satisfaction with the leadership in ForSea

Digital development

 All products and services must be sold in all digital channels.

  • increase the proportion of customers who purchase tickets digitally
  • increase the number of downloads of ForSea’s app
  • increase the number of freight customers which use our Self Service