An innovative and driven corporate culture

ForSea is a proud part of the cityscape in Helsingborg and Helsingör. In that role, we are taking the lead in development issues which make a difference for the passengers and the region in which we are strongly embedded. It is the people in ForSea that are making this possible. We are therefore putting a lot of energy into attracting, recruiting and retaining skilled employees.

Clarifying our culture

Clear Employer Value Proposition, which reveals the benefits of working at ForSea – for example, pride in being a part of the cityscape in Helsingborg/Helsingör, our voyage towards sustainability which makes a difference for both passengers and the region as a whole, as well as the desire to take a lead in development issues, which influences offers, employees and also passengers.

Common values and Leadership principles, based on the watchwords Engagement, Cooperation, Respect and Reliability. As a part of the implementation, a so-called value compass was produced, which was communicated to all managers and employees during the year.

New HR portal, where common processes and policies are collected, and which provides a clear, uniform picture of how our HR work functions in practice. The digital portal is bilingual, directed at both managers and employees, and is also simple to access by mobile phone.

▪ Leadership and employee development, which includes the ”Green Journey” leadership programme, where our managers have held workshops to discuss everything from strategy and values to cooperation and sustainability – all with the aim of building teams that are high-performing and which feel good. We have also conducted a review of our most central HR processes – including the Performance Appraisal – with the aim of better control and clearer targets, which are set at department- and employee level. The Pulse survey is also part of staff development. It is conducted every year and the results are translated into plans of action which are followed up via performance appraisals and departmental meetings.

2019 – skills development in focus

One of the major initiatives in 2019 is the establishment of the ForSea Academy, which will become a hub in recruitment and skills development. The ForSea Academy is based around training modules which are produced for different groups of employees, for example, ForSales for shop staff. Implementation of the values will also continue during the year, including through a wider launch of the values game which was produced in 2018. The game brings the values to life through linking them to dilemmas in different everyday situations, and must be played by all employees.