Travel with a range of possibilities

Passengers travel  with ForSea for many different reasons – commuting, business, tourism, food experiences, shopping or simply escaping everyday life for a moment of relaxation. Regardless of reason, it should always feel like every journey offers the service and experiences passengers want to have.

In addition, ForSea offers a fast route over the Sound as well as environmentally-friendly sea transport that goes beyond the norm. Today two ferries are battery powered. This makes us the world’s first high intensity ferry line with battery power – and a ferry line that is cutting its emissions by 65 per cent.

”Tour” back and forth or out into the world

Every year millions of trips are made with ForSea between Helsingborg and Helsingör. Around 80 per cent of them are regional, with the trip starting and ending in the Öresund region. These include, for example, the classic “tour” back and forth over the Sound to eat, drink or shop. The rest is internationally focused, with ForSea constituting the link in a route which goes far beyond the region.

Shop development and special culinary appearances

Just over 7 million journeys were made in 2018, which was in line with the year before. Shopping is a given part of the offer, where ForSea has a good value range, primarily of perfume, alcohol and sweets. A review of the shop concept commenced during the year. The aim is a more tailored concept, so that the shops’ design and range meet the customers’ needs to an even higher degree. The ForSales training initiative for employees is taking place in parallel. It is focused on further developing the service in the shops.

The restaurants offer food experiences, for both lunch and dinner. At the same time, bars and cafés provide the attraction of beer, coffee, open sandwiches and other simple dishes. One of the year’s most welcome new features was the collaboration with the award-winning Helsingborg-based restaurant Gastro. For six weeks during the summer, Gastro’s chefs and serving staff appeared on the Tycho Brahe ferry, attracting lots of guests and increasing interest in the restaurant operation.

Thinking sustainably and digitally

Sustainability issues influence purchasing, with the proportion of certified raw materials gradually increasing. It is equally important to reduce food waste through better planning. As far as possible, we select local produce and, for example, have recently initiated a collaboration with the chicken supplier, Bjärekyckling. ForSea is also following developments in society and expanding its range of vegetarian and vegan alternatives on the menus.

Digitisation is also an area in which ForSea is moving its positions forward, including through facilitating ticket purchase and check-in via a new online service. As of yet only a small proportion of all tickets are purchased digitally, but most customers look online for information and inspiration. It contributes to creating an overall experience that feels both flexible and modern.

Customer loyalty is measured every month through a Net Promoter Score (NPS), where the passengers indicate how likely it is that they would recommend traveling with ForSea. Customer satisfaction is also measured monthly.