About ForSea

ForSea operates the ferry line between Helsingborg and Helsingör. The ferries’ sustainable transportation, frequent services and punctual departures cross the Sound in all weathers, enabling people to meet and the region to develop.


We will be the most sustainable and customer-focused group, with the aim of zero CO2-emissions.

Business model

Our sailings are high frequency and very reliable, with minimal environmental impact and a high level of safety. We provide excellent service. We bring people and businesses together.

About us

A floating bridge

ForSea operates the ferry service between Helsingborg and Helsingör with almost 50,000 departures per year in one of northern Europe’s busiest waters. The ferry service is an indispensable part of the infrastructure which contributes to people meeting and the region developing. During 2018 more than 7 million passengers, 1.3 million private cars, 450,000 lorries and 16,000 buses were transported safely and securely across the Sound. The ferry line is a ”floating bridge”, with several departures every hour, round the clock. Besides frequency of services and reliability, the strongest competitive advantages are the capacity, the sustainable transportation and the experiences on board.

Focus on passengers and freight

ForSea has some 750 employees and is targeted at two customer segments, passenger traffic and freight, with passenger traffic as the largest source of income. This traffic encompasses commuting, business travel, tourism as well as trips aimed at everything from food experiences to shopping and relaxation on board. For freight traffic in the region, the water route between Helsingborg and Helsingör saves both time and the environment. Approximately half of the freight that is transported on the ferries stays in the Öresund region. Other volumes comprise transit traffic to or from other markets in the Nordic region and the European continent.

Blue travel is also the greenest

ForSea will be the most modern and effective transport option over the Sound, but also the most sustainable. We have been working to minimise the ferry service’s impact on the environment in the Öresund region for a long time. Another step was taken in the sustainability work during 2018 when battery power was introduced on the Tycho Brahe and Aurora ferries. Battery power reduces emissions, energy requirements, fumes and noise. It makes a substantial contribution to the fact blue travel is also the greenest.


During 2018 we changed name to ForSea. The name and the brand reflect the fact that we are a modern company with a passion for the sea, which actively contributes to the Öresund region’s future, but also that ForSea stands for sustainable encounters between people, ideas and countries, as well as the creation of conditions for new business.

ForSea – why we exist

We are the regional connector of people, fuelled by the opportunities of tomorrow

ForSea – brand manifesto

20 minutes – that’s all it takes to travel across the strait. But the journey is much more than an efficient mode of transportation. It is an energising pause when travelling, the perfect surrounding for socialising, for some it is an engaging job and it could even be a minor sea adventure. To make sure that not just us, but the sea and our planet as well, will be here for generations to come, we act sustainably in all we do – always looking for the opportunities of tomorrow. So again; 20 minutes is not much, but together we can go a long way.