The activities on the ferry service ForSea comprise the four business areas Travel, Freight, Food & Beverage and Shopping. Frequent departures, high reliability and the chance to have a break onboard the five modern ferries are popular across business areas and customer groups.


Cars, buses and persons only comprise the largest customer group at ForSea. Commuters with address on one side of Öresund and workplace on the other make use of the route on a daily basis. The route is also popular with tourists and locals, doing their shopping onboard or on the other side of Öresund.

In 2017, the route transported 7.1 million passengers and 1.3 million cars. More than one of ten cars on the route made use of the AutoBizz Smart solution.


Haulers and truck drivers make use of the route as the floating bridge of the Öresund region. The route offers on time departures at all times – and the break on the ferry saves both driving time and mileage. The facilities onboard are open all hours, and there is a Truckers Lounge onboard all ferries.

428,000 trucks crossed Öresund on ForSea in 2017.

Food & Beverage

Onboard all ferries on the route, passengers may enjoy simple and freshly made courses in FoodXpress as well as freshly brewed coffee in Café Ristretto. Onboard Aurora, there is also Restaurant Waves, which offers lunch courses, á la carte menu and bar as well as varying events. The chance to enjoy food and beverages as well as shop onboard has laid the foundation for the “Tura” concept – which is used by locals to describe taking a trip with the ferry without disembarking on the other side of Öresund.


ShopXpress stores on all ferries are open all hours and offer a wide selection of products at competitive prices. Passengers may browse the choices in  our shops on board through our shopping sites in Swedish and in Danish.   

The shopping opportunities are used by both tourists and locals in the region, doing their shopping onboard or on the other side of Öresund.


Kristian Durhuus – CEO, Jens Ole Hansen – COO, Kenneth Andersson – CFO, Åsa Linde Tornée - Head of HR, Peter Kesting - Head of Freight, Jan Bagger - Head of Safety & Environment, Andreas Krohn – Head of IT


First Sentier Investors

ForSea is owned by a European infrastructure fund under First Sentier Investors (formerly known as First State Investments), a long-term investor with more than DKK 900 billion under management. Since 1994, First Sentier Investors has invested in infrastructure assets on behalf of institutional investors, and the company adheres to the UN’s principles for responsible investments (UNPRI). 

The infrastructure fund First Sentier Investors European Diversified Infrastructure Fund FCP-SIF owns all assets in ForSea, which is comprised by companies ForSea AB, ForSea Helsingborg AB, ForSea Helsingør ApS, ForSea Management A/S and ForSea Øresund A/S.

Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC)

This Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC) states the minimum requirements that ForSea (and its affiliated companies) make on Suppliers who supply ForSea with products and/or services, in addition to other laws and ordinances that regulate the Supplier’s business activities. This CoC applies to all contracts and agreements between the Supplier and ForSea.

Whistleblower channel

ForSea strives for a transparent business climate and a high level of business ethics.

Our whistleblower service offers an opportunity to confidentially communicate suspicions of irregularities to both internal and external people and staff. The service is important for reducing risks and for maintaining confidence in our business, by enabling us to detect and remedy suspected irregularities at an early stage. This can be, for example, accounting, internal accounting control, auditing, combating bribery, crime in banking and finance, or other serious irregularities concerning the company's or group's vital interests or the lives and health of individuals, such as serious environmental crimes, major security deficiencies in the workplace and very serious forms of discrimination and harassment.

Whistleblower messages can be left openly or anonymously. We encourage a person who shares their suspicion to be open with their identity.