Carrying hazardous cargo

When transporting hazardous cargo, the driver must always contact our staff in freight service. This also applies to transport with Limited Quantity hazardous cargo. For questions about our handling of hazardous cargo or if you wish to pre-register your hazardous cargo transports, use the contacts below.  Pre-registering the cargo provides easy and faster handling when arriving at the port.

Contact us for pre-registration of hazardous cargo:

+46 42 18 60 20

Helsingør (Elsinore)
+45 88 71 19 12

Press the button "Form hazardous cargo" to open a form used for registration of hazardous cargo. After the form has been filled out, email it to either Helsingborg or Helsingör (Elsinore).

Rules regarding LQ hazardous cargo

When transport LQ hazardous cargo with ForSea Ferries, it is not a requirement for written documentation over the goods, to be presented at check-in in the ports. However, the driver must state that the cargo contains LQ hazardous cargo.

The information that must be provided:
UN number

This information is sufficient. The driver must sign our hazardous cargo form and confirm that the cargo is packed in accordance with current regulations. The vehicle must be fitted with orange hazardous cargo signs both in the front and rear during the crossing. There is no surcharge on the price for transports with only LQ hazardous cargo.

Increased opportunity to transport hazardous goods

All of our 4 ferries that are normally in operation transport hazardous goods. Our smaller ferry Mercandia IV sails only with freight transports, which not only means that we can offer our freight customers four departures per hour during the busiest hours on weekdays, but also that our customers who transport hazardous goods have increased opportunities for crossings. The low number of passengers on board means that a larger number of classes are welcome on board. Contact our freight service for more information.