Plug-in for refrigerated trucks onboard our vessels

Due to health and safety, it is not permitted to operate compressor engines during our ferry crossing. Therefore, before driving on board, all cooling generator units have to be shut off. If you need to document an unbroken chain of cooling in a trailer, we therefore now offer plug-in options onboard our ferries.

In order to use this service, the truck driver simply has to inform our personnel at check-in that he/she needs to have power for their cooling unit while sailing. Our personnel onboard will direct the driver to a suited parking spot. It is the driver’s responsibility to plug in at departure and remove the plug again upon arrival at port.

We hope that you will welcome this new feature and naturally if there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The greenest route

You can now sail across Öresund in an environmentally sound manner on our two green ferries, Tycho Brahe and Aurora. You’ll save 40–50 kilometres compared with the southern route and reduce environmental impact. 452,000 trucks crossed Öresund with us during 2018. All in all, they save around 15,000 tonnes of C02 emissions each year. This is almost as much as the emissions from 5,000 flights to Thailand.

Environmental certificate

Our shipping customers receive a certificate at the beginning of the year of how much CO2 they have saved by sailing with us last year compared to if they had chosen a land connection to Denmark.