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Common questions

When do you sail with cagro?

We sail 24/7, with three to four departures per hour during the day and one to two departures per hour during the night.

Do we have to book a freight crossing?

No, a truck does not need a booking to take the ferry. The driver needs to provide your customer number or pay in cash or by card at the freight service office in the port. Our freight services are open 24/7.

How do we become a freight agreement customer?

How much does a truck crossing cost?

Our tariff prices and surcharges can be found here.

Can the truck's cooling unit be switched on during the crossing?

No, it's not allowed. Due to safety regulations and health hazards, all cooling units must be switched off during the crossing. We offer plug-in during the crossing, read more about this here.

Can we ship hazardous cagro with your ferries?

Yes, read more about this here.

How do we pre-registering a crossing with hazardous goods?

The pre- registering of Hazardous goods is made to our freight service in each port, by email. Read more here.

What does it cost to have an extra driver in the truck?

It does not cost anything with an extra driver. They should only be announced at check-in.

How do I cancel a booking?

You send an email to

How do we book a transit ticket to Germany?

Contact Scandlines on +45 7268 6060 eller

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