ForSea freight

Freight between Denmark and Sweden

Our ferries sail with freight transport (via truck) on the line Helsingborg-Helsingör every 15 minutes Monday-Friday and every 20 minutes Saturday-Sunday, large parts of the day.

Drive your cargo the shortest and greenest way across the sound. The hauliers and truck drivers use the crossing daily as a quick and easy way to cross the water between Helsingborg and Helsingör.

It's not far to the next departure and the break on the ferry saves both time and shortens the driving range.

Check in quickly with a pre-booking

We offer all freight agreement customers the opportunity to pre-book their crossings with us. Pre-book, and check in without leaving your truck. Drive quickly through our Fast Lanes and board the next available ferry.

In addition to speedy processing, we also ensure the correct information, such as vehicle number and reference number, accompanies your transportation from pre-booking to invoicing. Contact us to find out more.

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Online booking and EDI booking

Correct information Option of automatic check in
Personalised invoice number on invoice SMS booking
No waiting time at the port EDI invoice


Check in on site

If you haven’t pre-booked, park your truck and use one of the self-service machines in our check-in offices, where you provide the same information which was previously written down on a check-in form. The check-in guide in the machines is available in 16 different languages. If you want to check in with our staff, the check-in offices are staffed 24/7.

Latest news!

December 2021

Check in without leaving the driver's cabin

Our Freight Service is of course open and manned 24 hours a day. But in order to protect staff and drivers from the Corona virus in the best way possible, we urge all drivers to use the automatic check-in and Fast Lane whenever possible. As a reward for using Fast Lane during 6th December - 3rd January we offer a free cup of coffee. All drivers driving through Fast Lane will get a voucher they can exchange for a cup of coffee at our café onboard.


Please note that the Danish authorities have reinstated face mask requirements in terminal buildings, boarding areas and onboard the ferries. Face masks can be bought on board in the café or shop.

Fast Lane Check-in

In order to protect the drivers and our staff in check-in, we encourage the drivers to use the self-service kiosks in our fast lanes. All drivers with a booking can drive directly to Fast Lane and do not need to go to our check-in office for manual service.

Click on the bottom below to view a short film on how the driver can check-in via our Fast Lane services. You can also send the link to the driver.

Please contact us if you do not have access to our web booking.

If the driver is carrying hazardous cargo, he will have to go to the manual counter at our check-in. Self-service check-in kiosks are available, in case the truck is not pre-booked.

In our check-in area, we have hand sanitizer and information about necessary precautions to limit the Corona virus.

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19 March 2020

ForSea continues to sail on the route Elsinore-Helsingborg

ForSea will continue to operate ferries between Helsingborg and Helsingør, also during the period 14 March to 13 April. This decision has been taken in order to meet the needs of passengers who are authorised to travel between Sweden and Denmark, and to facilitate the transportation of goods. It is important to ensure the free movement of goods to and from Sweden and Denmark, and to continue to provide ferry connections for people who live and work on different sides of the  Sound.

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5 april 2019

Less environmental impact through 4,500 tonnes of CO2 emission savings.

The greenest route across Öresund. In the first three months of the year 2019 we’ve reduced environmental impact from CO2 emissions by 4,500 tonnes compared with the previous year.

Hamlet arriving in Elsinore

Conditions of Carriage

ForSea Ferries reserves the right to adjust its prices to take account of exchange rates and other costs that are beyond our control. ForSea Ferries is entitled to annul any agreement with immediate effect in the event of default of payment. Collateral agreements shall have no legal validity.

The transportation of cargo units on the ForSea route and vessels, including all agreements, are subject to the terms and conditions in the North Sea Operators Conditions of Carriage, as last amended, including the NSOCC Yellow Card (4th edition) 1999 and NSOCC Blue Card (5th edition) 1999.

If a vehicle has an engine stop or other fault that means that the vehicle cannot drive off board or move away,  ForSea Ferries has the right to immediately arrange towing of the vehicle, either by the ForSea Ferries own means or through a third party, to an area which ForSea Ferries at its own discretion deems appropriate. This applies regardless of whether the vehicle is on board one of the ferries or ashore in any part of the areas where ForSea Ferries operates. The cost of such towing is borne by the customer of ForSea Ferries.