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Information about ID verification

ID verification is carried out for travelers to and from Denmark and Sweden. To avoid unnecessary waiting times, please have a valid passport or photo ID card (according to the police's guidelines) easily accessible at check-in and ticket check-in. Children under the age of 18, traveling in the company of a parent with a valid ID or passport, do not need to show identity document.

Traffic information

Important information!
The Danish Government has decided to close the border for travellers.
Closure of the Danish border is valid in the period:
From 12 PM the 14th of March and until further notice.
The closure of the Danish border does not effect:

  • Danish citizens.
  • Commuters with employment in Denmark.
  • Travellers with a strong credible purpose.
  • Freight by truck.

Danish border control checks that the entry ban is complied with and that entry can be justified by the traveller.

There will be changes in our schedule from 16th of March. Schedule and traffic information on our website will be updated on a regular basis with current information regarding departures from Helsingborg and Elsinore (Helsingør).

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Temporary border control – ID control

Since November 2015 Sweden has introduced temporary border control at the internal borders of countries that are part of The Schengen Borders Code.

The Swedish Police defines where and how the border control is carried out and the controls are restricted to what is deemed necessary in order to ensure internal security. The Police will check for valid travel documentation and ID.

For Nordic citizens a valid driver’s license, issued in one of the Nordic countries, will in most cases be sufficient, but to be sure, one should bring a valid passport or national ID. All other nationalities must bring a valid passport or national ID.

Minor Nordic citizens, traveling with a parent or guardian, but without personal travel documentation, will be granted entry if his/her parent or guardian can show the necessary documentation, and prove custody or necessary relation of the minor.

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