ForSea uses CCTV surveillance cameras in specific areas. ForSea Helsingborg AB is responsible for CCTV coverage in Sweden and on our Swedish ships. ForSea Helsingør ApS is responsible for CCTV coverage in Denmark and on our Danish ships (both companies are referred to as ‘ForSea’ in the text below). The reasons behind our use of CCTV surveillance cameras vary depending on where each camera is located. These reasons can include:

  • to monitor and investigate crime
  • to monitor and investigate accidents
  • to ensure safe shipping practices
  • to enable smooth and effective onboarding and disembarkation

The legal basis for our use of surveillance cameras is based on both Swedish and international shipping regulations, balanced with article 6.1f of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In terms of balancing the requirements of these regulations, ForSea has a legitimate interest in monitoring specific areas of our ships and our onshore properties for the reasons stated above. We conclude that these reasons are of greater importance than the interests of the individual because the camera surveillance is mostly for the protection of our passengers and staff members in order to ensure a pleasant and safe journey with us. ForSea is permitted to share the material that is recorded by our CCTV systems with government agencies such as the Police and Customs if there is reason to do so.

We follow all existing rules and recommendations. The surveillance that is recorded by our CCTV systems is saved for between three and a maximum of 30 days, depending on the purpose, the need or what the law allows.

The rights of the individual

As someone who might be subject to surveillance, you can exercise a number of rights, in particular the right to have access to, or removal of, the personal details that we hold on you. For further information about our use of surveillance cameras, including your rights, please contact the data controller, whose details are given below. You can also contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection ( or the Danish Data Protection Agency ( or the Police in Denmark (

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