COVID-19 virus are continuing to spread across Europe. The situation and its development is closely monitored by ForSea.

The safety for our guests and employees are, during all times, of highest priority and at ForSea we are always complying with advices and recommendations from the national authorities in Sweden and Denmark.

The Danish Government has decided to close the border for travellers

The Danish border is closed until further notice. 
The closure of the Danish border does not effect:

  • Danish citizens.
  • Commuters with employment in Denmark.
  • Travellers with a strong credible purpose.
  • Freight by truck.

Danish border control checks that the entry ban is complied with and that entry can be justified by the traveller.

Safety precautions when travelling with ForSea

To ensure our passengers and employees the safest experience possible, some extraordinary precautions have been implemented within ForSea. This includes the following:

  • Information on preventive hygienic action, in order to minimize the risks of spreading the virus, is posted in all passenger areas. That is, onboard the ferries, in the terminals, in port and in the offices. The information is based on the authority’s recommendations.
  • Frequency of cleaning and disinfection have been increased with special focus on areas considered high risk (so called Hot-Spots).
  • Increased focus on the amount of passengers onboard. For the time being, the number of passengers is way below the recommendation given by the authorities in relation to public gatherings.
  • Increased possibilities to disinfect hands in passenger areas. Disinfectants are placed all over in areas for both passengers and employees. That is, onboard the ferries, in the terminals, in port and in the offices.
  • Increased focus on internal routines in order to minimize the risk of spreading the COVID – 19 virus. This includes information on hygienic procedures, how to handle employees that are travelling abroad, requirements on external contractors etc.

Last update: 2020-04-14 09:00