Corporate social responsibility

Ferry links contribute to the development of the local communities on both sides of the Sound. ForSea’s CSR commitments involve the creation of jobs in the region, supporting sports and training opportunities and helping the local business world develop in a more green fashion, for example via the following actions:

  • In 2018, ForSea was co-recipient of the city of Helsingborg’s environmental award for our changeover to battery power on two of our ferries. This award was created in 2008 in order to promote environmental commitment among the city’s inhabitants, organisations and companies. It rewards efforts made towards the city becoming a leader in environmental and climate issues. The monetary award was 25,000 Swedish kronor which ForSea decided to use towards environmental investment in Helsingborg.
  • Customer loyalty is measured on a monthly basis with the help of Net Promoter Score (NPS). Passengers are asked to indicate how likely it is that they would recommend travelling with ForSea.The scale ranges from 0 – 10, in which 0 signifies extremely unlikely and 10 signifies highly likely. Customer satisfaction is also measured on a monthly basis.
  • Active recruitment of newly qualified maritime officers who gain professional experience at ForSea. Maritime officer recruits carry out part of their vocational training onboard our ferries.
  • Participation in careers days and fairs in conjunction with universities and colleges in Denmark and Sweden.
  • Cooperation with the aid agency Human Bridge which collects equipment and used textiles to create better conditions for people in vulnerable countries. We have been working in conjunction with Human Bridge for some time, and in 2018 we passed onto them workwear and equipment no longer required after our name changed to ForSea. The clothes and materials were either reused or sold in order to finance aid shipments.
  • Helsingør is one of seven cities across the globe participating in One Planet Living®, and ForSea is one of the contributors taking part. The project’s aim is to increase the pace of the switch to a green economy at a local level. One Planet Living® works in conjunction with schools, organisations and individuals to reduce consumption and emissions as part of its ten simple principles. ForSea has based its own objectives and action plans on these principles.
  • Partnership with Gröna Städer (‘Green Cities’), where ForSea’s CEO Johan Röstin is a member of the governing board. Gröna Städer is a business-oriented organisation which works in conjunction with several innovative companies producing and exporting different sustainable products and services.
  • Sponsorship of the FC Helsingør and Helsingborgs IF football teams.
  • Together with Bee Charging Solutions, in the spring of 2018 we opened five charging stations with ten charging points for electric vehicles at ForSea’s terminal in Helsingborg. Offering fast-charging is yet another step toward achieving a fossil-free society. The charging stations are available for use to passengers travelling over the Sound who wish to charge their vehicles, although they are also available to the general public. An empty battery can be recharged up to a level of 80% in around 30 minutes.