ForSea continue to be a fast and reliable Freight service between Denmark and Sweden, also during the Corona Crises. In times, where borders close down - production, trade and industry is severely affected by delayed transportation and cargo. The crossing, Elsinore-Helsingborg, plays an important part in moving cargo and maintaining transportation by trucks. High frequent sailings is essential for the region and enable the supply chain of goods to and from Europe.

ForSea is unique with up to 110 daily crossings for freight. We continue to work, with the necessary service and frequency on the ferry route, even during these times. We have clear guidelines for our co-workers, to make sure co-workers and guests feel safe during the crossing, says Peter Kesting, Head of Freight.

The crossing between Elsinore-Helsingborg only takes 20-minutes. ForSea is ready to service Freight customers 24-7, making sure trucks reach their destination on time. The situation for freight transportation by trucks is difficult these times. Due to closed service stops in Europe, the situation is hard for drivers, and the ForSea crossing offers a well needed break on the road. In order to protect the truck drivers and ForSea Check-In staff from Corona virus, drivers are encouraged to use self-service kiosks and Fast Lanes. It is important to ensure the free movement of goods, even in exceptional circumstances.

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The Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry service is the region’s floating bridge and consists of five ferries, Aurora, Tycho Brahe, Hamlet, Mercandia IV and Mercandia VIII, all of which are environmentally friendly and equipped with catalytic converters. Aurora and Tycho Brahe have both also been converted to battery-powered operation for a total investment cost of approximately SEK 300 million. INEA, an executive agency for innovation and networks within the EU, has allocated approximately SEK 120 million to support the investment.

In 2018 ForSea carried 7 million passengers and 1.3 million cars, 452,000 trucks and 16,600 buses and coaches – 20% of the total number of vehicles crossing Öresund. This traffic promotes integration and growth in the Öresund Region and is managed by a staff of 630 dedicated professionals, working every day to ensure that users have access to safe, efficient connections between Sweden and Denmark that make every journey as convenient and comfortable as possible. The connection also helps to create a further 2,000 job opportunities in the region. Jens-Ole Hansen is CEO of ForSea AB, which is owned by investment specialist First State Investments.