We are the world's first shipping company to serve exclusively MSC and ASC certified fish in our restaurants.

When we installed batteries on our vessels we became the world's first high-intensity ferry operator to have a battery-powered fleet. This was an important step towards becoming a completely climate-neutral shipping company. But that's not enough.

That's why we're taking the next step now.

In December 2019, we became the first shipping company in Sweden and Denmark to be MSC and ASC certified for serving sustainably harvested fish.

We were also the first shipping company in the world to serve exclusively MSC and ASC certified fish and shellfish.

Sustainable fish stocks and fish farms

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) are two non-profit organizations that monitor and certify both wild and farmed fish and shellfish.

MSC and ASC certification means that the seafood is traceable all the way back to a sustainable fishing operation or a responsibly run farming establishment. All those involved in handling the fish on its way to your plate are assessed on a yearly basis – traceability does work, and you can enjoy your fish with a clear conscience.

The sea is vital to our future

As a shipping company, we live off the sea. That is why we want to do what we can to protect it.

The oceans produce about half of all the oxygen on the planet. Their wellbeing is, therefore, crucial for our health, for supplying us with food and for the future of all mankind.

Sustainable fishing is an essential building block. Researchers estimate that nearly 90 percent of the world's fish stocks have either reached maximum depletion or are overfished and this is upsetting the natural ecological balance.

If we, as consumers, do not choose sustainably caught and responsibly farmed fish today, future generations will not even be able to choose fish at all. The ecological balance can be preserved by not overfishing, damaging sea bottoms, damaging other species or fishing for small fish.

In 2019, Forsea served 28 tonnes of fish on board its ferries. And, as we want to make it easy for our guests to make sensible choices, only eco-labelled fish is served on board. By choosing MSC and ASC certified seafood, we and you will contribute to maintaining the ecological balance.

Enjoy MSC certified fish on board

Our new tasty menu includes dishes with 100 % MSC and ASC certified fish and shellfish – a perfect dining choice while enjoying the wonderful views across the strait.