By constantly improving our environmental work, we can minimize the pollution to air, soil and water.

· We shall always comply with applicable legislation and comply with regulations. We must always be responsive to our surroundings.

· Optimizing energy consumption and reducing our emissions into the air, is a prioritized area.

· We must consider the environmental aspect when purchasing goods and services.

· Through efficient recycling and resource management, we will reduce the pollution that occurs due to our operations.

· We shall influence, place demands on and collaborate with other companies, authorities and organizations to reduce the environmental impact in ports, inland waters and the sea.

· We shall prepare relevant key figures describing achieved improvements.

· We shall involve all employees in order to create an active environmental work, and ensure that all employees have relevant and adequate environmental training.

· We shall, through an environmental management system, systematically follow up and improve our environmental performance in order to always work as optimal as possible.