As part of the HH Ferries sustainability voyage, the Tycho Brahe and Aurora ferries now operate fully on battery power. This makes the route between Helsingborg and Helsingør the world’s first high-intensity battery-operated ferry line, with departures for both passengers and transport operations every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions. To show that the journey towards becoming the most sustainable transport company in the region is serious, the shipping company will also change its name to ForSea.

Pioneering technology charging fast and green

ForSea Ferries have chosen to charge their batteries with “green electricity”, from non-fossil fuel sources such as wind, water and solar energy. This means that there are no emissions from the two battery-operated vessels. In total, ForSea’s emissions will be reduced by about 65%, as Aurora and Tycho Brahe will sail more legs than the remaining ferries in the fleet.

A fully automatic laser-controlled robot arm will be plugged into the ferries, recharging them each time they are in port. This means 5-9 minutes of efficient charging for a 20-minute crossing, ensuring that the ferries will continue to depart frequently and on time.

The journey across Öresund is also a journey towards zero emissions

Sweden has a long-term climate goal to have a net greenhouse gas by 2045. This goal is something the ferry line wants to reach earlier than that.

”We only have one planet and one of the things that we, as a shipping company, can do to contribute to a more sustainable world is to actively safeguard the marine environment,” says Johan Röstin, CEO at HH Ferries Group. “We have always cared for the environment and were living up to the most recent emission regulations back in 2007. With battery-driven ferries we are taking a big step forward for less emissions, smoke and noise. And we will not compromise on efficiency. Thanks to groundbreaking technology and talented co-workers the crossing will only take 20 minutes.

A free ride for everyone who wants to experience a greener crossing

On Saturday, November 10th, the Helsingborg-Helsingør route celebrates the world leading news by treating everyone to a free ride. The offer is valid throughout the day (10 am – 8 pm) and there will be festivities onboard, as well as in the terminals on both sides of the strait. The cult band Torsson and Nick Schröder are some of the attractions that will entertain passengers onboard.

The region that never sleeps

The longing for, and need of, travelling across Öresund is probably almost as old as time itself. But what started as a risky journey on single wooden logs eventually transcended into power-driven ferries – efficient, punctual and safe, but not entirely environmentally friendly.

”The two battery-powered ferries are the first step on our sustainability journey for an even better ferry route. We will not settle with just how we manage the power onboard between our destinations of Helsingborg and Helsingør, we are sailing toward zero emissions and towards the future in every way our company operates”, says Johan Röstin. “To us it is important that the “blue road” between the two cities remains, for a vibrant, expansive region where people can meet and businesses can grow and prosper. Today and for future generations.”