Spontaneous visits to both sides of the Sound are possible once more.

On Saturday 27 June, Denmark will be easing its travel restrictions on all residents in Skåne, Blekinge and Halland Region in Sweden, and for all travellers who are transiting Denmark on their way to destinations within Scandinavia. ForSea is therefore increasing the frequency of its services and opening up the cafés and shops on all 3 vessels.

Since the borders were closed in March ForSea has continued to perform its role as an important regional transport link for both freight and commuters, by operating some 700 departures a week. The Danish government’s recent announcement relating to the opening of the country’s borders with effect from 27 June means that ForSea will be making scheduled departures every 20 minutes throughout most of the day with its three ferries, Aurora, Tycho Brahe and Hamlet. In addition, the café and shop on Hamlet will be re-opening in order to provide passengers with the same high level of service on all vessels. ForSea looks forward to welcoming its guests back on board!

”We are delighted with the new directive. Safety in all aspects remains a top priority for ForSea. We look forward to soon being able to welcome larger numbers of passengers, and we will continue to offer safe crossings by increasing the frequency of our sailings. This not only offers our customers greater flexibility in terms of planning their journeys, but spreading passenger numbers over more departures also makes it simpler to observe social distancing guidelines on board. More frequent departures not only benefit the seasonal summer traffic, but also offer greater flexibility for the all-important road transport sector,” says Kristian Durhuus, CEO of ForSea.

ForSea and the Helsingborg-Helsingör ferries are following the authorities’ guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. There is plenty of space on board, we have implemented extra cleaning routines for all surfaces, hand sanitiser is readily available, we encourage all passengers to maintain a safe distance, and we urge travellers to stay at home, if they are exhibiting the slightest symptoms of illness.  Read more on forsea.se/corona, forsea.dk/corona, forseaferries.com/corona.


Please contact presscontact@forseaferries.com for further information.

The Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry service is the region’s floating bridge and consists of five ferries, Aurora, Tycho Brahe, Hamlet, Mercandia IV and Mercandia VIII, all of which are environmentally friendly and equipped with catalytic converters. Aurora and Tycho Brahe have both also been converted to battery-powered operation for a total investment cost of approximately SEK 300 million. INEA, an executive agency for innovation and networks within the EU, has allocated approximately SEK 120 million to support the investment.

In 2019 ForSea carried 7 million passengers and 1.3 million cars, 440,000 trucks and 16,000 buses and coaches – 20% of the total number of vehicles that made the Öresund crossing in 2019. This traffic promotes integration and growth in the Öresund Region and is managed by a staff of 550 dedicated professionals, working every day to ensure that users have access to safe, efficient connections between Sweden and Denmark that make every journey as convenient and comfortable as possible. The connection also helps to create some 2,000 job opportunities in the region. Kristian Durhuus is CEO of ForSea AB, which is owned by investment specialist First State Investments.